Tuesday's Soups and Specials

December 8, 2014

Tuesday December 9th

Breakfast special all week 7am-9am

Bagels for $1.00 and free cream cheese with  purchase of a beverage

7am-9am all week!


Broccoli and cheese: this simple soup is loaded with broccoli florets and tangy cheddar cheese. A touch of garlic completes this creamy classic.

Italian wedding:   mini Italian meatballs, Acine de Pepe pasta, spinach, carrots and Romano cheese accentuated in a rich seasoned chicken broth. 


All Deli Sandwiches 10% off 

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In the restaurants, there are some special soups that are being made according to the events. I am interested in having that is fulfilling all the requirements related to the new recipes.
canadianwritings review at 2:18am EST - February 24, 2020

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