Friday's Soups and Special

December 18, 2014

Breakfast special all week

Bagels for $1.00 and free cream cheese with purchase of a beverage

7am-9am all week!

Lunch Special all week

The Café Italian Baguette

Dessert Special all week

Red Velvet Cake


Friday December 19th

Chicken corn chowder:  Rich and creamy with a hint of jalapeño and dash of lime, this zesty chowder takes chicken and sweet peppers from ordinary to extraordinary.

Roasted red pepper and smoked gouda cheese bisque:  It is a velvety-rich bisque of pureed roasted red bell peppers, smoked and shredded Gouda, whole basil leaves and crushed garlic. Finished with a kiss of fresh cream.



Buy any deli sandwich and have a

brownie for dessert for 50 cents off !!






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