• Sean


    Sean is a goal setter. He enjoys working at the City Garden Café  and enjoys the foodservice industry. He was promoted to shift leader the first of the year at the Cafe. Sean is an excellent employee. He also aspires to have his own place. When Sean is not working at the café, he enjoys playing video games, reading non-fiction and mystery books, and taking walks outside when the weather is nice.  Sean initially comes across as quiet and shy until you get to know him.

  • Ashley Barber


    We would like to welcome Ashley to the City Garden Cafe.  Ashley always has a smile on her face and enjoys singing.  Stop in and welcome her to the Cafe.

  • Michael Lupo


    Michael joins the Cafe after working in the wood shop on Longview.  He is fluent in several languages and enjoys talking to one of the job coaches in German.  Please welcome him to the Cafe when you stop in!

  • Jason McFadden


    We would like to congratulate Jason on his new job at McDonald's!  He will be missed here but we wish him well and continued success.

  • Brian Moran


    Brian is an avid sports fan who can recount just about every score from every professional and college sports game, be it basketball, football, baseball – you name it! His favorite sports teams are the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, and Ohio State.

    With his engaging personality and skill set, Brian is an asset to City Garden Café and ensures that everything runs according to plan.

  • Sean  Stichler


    Sean S. has been working at the Cafe for several months doing dishes and miscellaneous activities. Sean would like to be a businessman someday.  He enjoys playing on the computer at home and cleaning house as well as spending time with and helping his grandparents.