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Soups and Features for week of April 26th-30th

April 25, 2021
Soups and Features for April 26th-30th
Keywords: and bacon grilled between two pieces of sourdough bread……$4.95 featured lunch , bacon bits and chives., carrots and celery in a cream new england-style broth. wednesday april 28th soups chicken dumpling: an old-fashioned original, cheddar cheese, creamy kidney beans, featuressoups and features for april 26th-30th featured breakfast grilled cheese breakfast sandwich two eggs, fresh vegetables, ham, home style chicken broth. thursday april 29th soups roasted red pepper and smoked gouda cheese bisque: it is a velvety-rich , house made croutons, onions, provolone cheese, smoked and shredded gouda, spring mix, swiss cheese, tender pasta and delicious herbs all in a rich and savory tomato broth. tuesday april 27th soups new england clam chowder: , tomato and cucumber with your choice of dressing and baguette bread…..$5.95 monday april 26th soups pasta fagioli: th, turkey, whole basil leaves and crushed garlic. finished with a kiss of fresh cream. friday april 30th soups loaded baked potato: a cr

Thursday's Features

October 15, 2020
Thursday 10.15.20
Keywords: and bacon grilled between two pieces of sourdough bread……$3.50 featured lunch roast beef and cheddar bagel slow roasted ro, and the traditional rice, authentic creole and andouille sausage, bacon bits and chives., celery and garlic in a spicy chicken broth. thursday october 15th soups tomato basil bisque: this delicious bisque is made , cheddar cheese, chock full of seasoned chicken, green peppers, ground beef, okra, onions, provolone cheese, red onion and ale mustard on a jalapeno cheddar bagel with either macaroni or potato salad or chips……$5.95 monday october , rice, seasoned with onions and finished with a hint of basil. friday october 16th soups loaded baked potato: a creamy comfort so, soups and featuressoups and features for october 12th-16th featured breakfast grilled cheese breakfast sandwich two eggs, spanish onions and diced tomatoes in a tasty au jus broth. wednesday october 14th soups chicken sausage gumbo: a taste of ne
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